The course comprises of a mix of subjects and elective skill additions. These additional skills enable students to stay updated with what they need in the industry.

This mix of topics enables students to address the modern-day financial needs of any business effectively.

Course Subjects

  • Java
  • Programming with C++
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Marketing  
  • Computation
  • Web Programming
  • Culture & Diversity     
  • English
  • Second language
  • Visual Programming
  • Mathematics

Practical Skills & Certifications

While principles are universal, the tools used by the workforce often change with new & emerging technologies. At Cambridge College, we provide supplemental learning to ensure our students keep pace with industry demand.

Our college offers a wide variety of short term certificate courses which are conducted after class hours or during semester breaks. The goal of these courses is to provide students with knowledge and expertise currently in demand in the industry, allowing them to transition from academics to their first jobs smoothly.

These courses are conducted by professionals and industry experts. They help students stand apart from the rest in the job market by adding value to their resume.

Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Samsung Paid Internship(Under SEED Program)