Campus Highlights

Campus Life


The primary objective of the library is to support the academic fraternity by providing access to the physical and digital content. The library is equipped with comprehensive collection of books, journals, pertaining to Commerce, Humanities and Management. 


Cambridge College has comprehensive hostel facilities for students. Two blocks of hostels – one for Girls and the other for Boys is separately provided to accommodate around 400 students. The hostel is annexed with a kitchen to provide food at protected and hygienic environment along with dining hall, which can accommodate around 500 students at a time. Healthy and nutritious food is served.  


The College has well equipped Dept. of Physical Education and Sports. In-Door Sports Hall for Table Tennis, Carom & Chess. Out-Door Sports facilities are  110 Yards multipurpose Ground, Volleyball court, Throw Ball Court, Ball Badminton Court & Basket Ball Court (Court). 200 mtr running track, Football court, Hockey court, Softball and Multiple Athletic events.

Other Games (Small Area):

  1. Volley Ball Court (Gravel) = 1 No (18m18m)
  2. Basket Ball Court (Cement)  = 2 No (30m20m)
  3. Throw Ball (Gravel)  = 1 No (20m20m)       
  4. Ball Badminton (Gravel)  = 1 No (30m20m)
  5. 200mt Tack (Gravel)  = 1 No (90m70m)
  6. Foot ball Court (Gravel) = 1 NO (90m70m) 
  7. Hockey Court (Gravel) = 1 NO (90m70m) 
  8. Softball Court (Gravel) = 1 NO (100m75m)

The Auditorium is a central and important space in our college. It is used for all types of formal assembly: lectures, award ceremonies, dramatic plays, musical theatre productions, concert performances, dance competitions and so on.

AV Room

Our College teaching philosophy goes beyond classroom education and we ensure that we supplement the theoretical instruction with audio visual aids. To assist us in this effort, our college has a fully equipped Audio Visual Room which simplifies learning through multi-media facilities. Students have access to facts in a more interesting manner and can view presentations based on various subjects and other value based information. Through these aids, the teachers are able to disseminate knowledge via movies, wildlife documentaries, animated videos and talks by well-known and respected personalities that provide an insight into our country’s culture and heritage. These audio visual sessions are highly interactive as the teacher has the capability to pause the recording allowing students to ask questions and take maximum advantage of the learning being imparted.

B - Lab

In order to meet the challenging needs of Corporate Environment, it is not just sufficient for students to be theoretically sound, they must also be exposed to the external world in a dynamic way to face practical situations. 

Health Care Unit

To provide effective health education that motivate students to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles that enhance their intellectual and personal growth and development.